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For most women living with breast cancer, a great deal of energy and effort goes into just making it through the day. Everything becomes a battle, from coping with the aching scars, to dealing with the constant nausea and exhaustion resulting from chemotherapy or burn marks from radiation, to just getting dressed in the morning.

For women who have lost a breast to cancer, purchasing a prosthetic is often a priority but the experience of finding one that fits properly and is comfortable to wear can prove frustrating. It was because I couldn't find a prosthetic I liked that I started knitting my own. Soon, other breast cancer survivors were asking me to make them their own Tit-Bits and so "Tit-Bits: Hand-Knitted Breasts" came into being.


What makes Tit-Bits different from other prostheses?

Most prostheses are made from silicone and are hot and heavy to wear. They are also ugly and expensive. Tit-Bits are made with the softest luxury fibres, such as cotton and cashmere. They are attractive, lightweight and nestle snugly in the bra, but do not sit against the scar. They start at C$65, so women can purchase more than one in different sizes, since breast sizes do go up and down during the month, whereas silicone prostheses can cost upwards of C$400 each.

Do I need to buy a special bra for Tit-Bits?

The beauty of Tit-Bits is that they can fit into any full cup, push-ups, sleek sports or sexy under-wires. You could put them into a mastectomy bra, but those are so ugly, why would you want to?

Can you make Tit-Bits to match my skin colour?

Tit-Bits come in a range of natural colors ranging from “Buff” to “Dark Chocolate”. Most women however, prefer to match their Tit-Bits to their bras with "Bright White" and "Basic Black" as favourites.  Tit-Bits offers new colours and designs every season, so be sure to visit the “Get Tit-Bits” page.

If you want something special for an upcoming event, let me know – I can make it for you!

My sister was just diagnosed with breast cancer. Should I buy her a Tit-Bit to make her feel better?

Just because a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer does not mean that she will lose her breast. Surgery and treatment options depend on a number of factors such as the size of tumour, the type of breast cancer – yes there is more than one kind – whether the cancer has spread into the lymphatic system, etc.

It is great that you want to make your sister feel better, but it would be best to wait until she lets you know what her surgery and treatment plans are. If she needs a mastectomy and is thinking about getting a prosthetic, then you may want to surprise her with one or more in her favourite colours when she is ready. A pretty bra from her favourite lingerie shop or a nice meal at her favourite restaurant will also lift her spirits.


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